Our set of


Sceneve is your inducing event partner, all the way. Let's take a step together towards new possibilities.

Committed partner

Sceneve is a partner that’s fully committed to the needs of every single client. We deliver unforgettable experiences. With our strong commitment we build a solid foundations for a long-lasting business relationships.

Inducing event partner

For our clients we want to be an inducing event partner. We want to create and give thrilling experiences and unforgettable memories. The kind of memories you can go back to again and again with a smile on your face. Until we meet again.

Trusted partner

In the world of event consulting a dedicated and trusted partner is an important aid for any event. We want to show we are trustworthy and do things together others don’t yet know or even consider possible. Event consulting specialist Sceneve is your consultative and trusted event partner.

Brand identity

Sceneve is known as the inducing event partner and energetic and bold event consulting agency. We are passionate about our work and want to offer our clients the best cooperation and service available. For your business we want to be the best event partner.

Mission impossible

Nearly impossible is our everyday. We want to exceed our client’s expectations. We want to surprise and be surprised. By ways of event consulting we want to provoke powerful and emotionally rich experiences and leave permanent memories. Experiences that both you and your customer share for the rest of your lives.

Experiences from the heart

A powerful feeling leaves a mark, both in good and bad. In life and in event consulting we always focus on the good. Let us create and share our good spirit for you too. There’s never enough of good in the world. Let us earn your trust.