Kristian Björk

Kristian Björk, Sceneve Ltd’s Managing Director, is an event consulting professional.

Through his work, Kristian helps companies in versatile assignments from designing unique and experience-rich events to digitizing presentations.

Kristian Björk has seen and experienced a great deal in the world of event production along his career, thanks to spending a long while in the Finnish and international jet-set societies and visiting many major public events. These kinds of events certainly offer a variety of experiences. Still, Kristian has his feet on solid ground.

This long, varied experience offers valuable advantages to the customers. Only after seeing world-class luxury, both in good and in bad, one can say what works and what doesn’t, what should be done and what shouldn’t. Without this accumulated experience, the view of the available opportunities would be much narrower, and without this kind of wide perspective, it is only natural that things could become repetitive quite quickly.

However, Sceneve does not offer everything to everyone, but instead utilizes its professional competence to offer something suitable for anyone. A wide range of companies of different sizes from different fields utilize the services of Sceneve. Achieving and maintaining success requires companies to invest also in their business events. Kristian will solve his clients’ challenges by bringing bold but successful solutions to the table.
When customers conduct their own business operations, they have to keep their focus on what they are doing and how they are running their business. However, when organizing business events, this focus needs to be suddenly directed completely elsewhere and on a whole different level. In these situations, marketing managers and companies’ in-house event coordinators often find out that their imagination has its limits.

“This is completely normal and okay,” Kristian says. “Event consulting, combined with a rich imagination, offers a different, daring perspective that pushes the limits perfectly. Often, this is just the thing the customers need.”
“In event consulting, there is no such thing as a boring business sector,” Kristian states. In fact, if you want to consider something as boring, remember that boring is good. We do not only want the luxurious assignments. Most of our clients just try to run their regular, day-to-day business and that is great!

These everyday business sectors have the best opportunities to surprise their own staff, stakeholders and clients in a slightly new environment while still firmly staying within their own “entertainment comfort zone”. They only need to step out of their own normal for a while. Here, Sceneve can help its client companies succeed.
Naturally, one man alone cannot produce the event of a large – or even a small – company. In fact, during these events Kristian acts as a kind of a conductor, leading an orchestra. Kristian’s “orchestra” consists of decades worth of contacts with artists, renaissance men and women of showbiz, stakeholders of the field and authorities.

A good orchestra play well together. They have trust that is not questioned. Hierarchy and the division of responsibility are crystal clear. Everyone plays the same tune, supporting each other’s performances. When an orchestra sounds good, it is good. When people have fun at an event and enjoy themselves, the event is also successful. It’s that simple!

“A well-functioning network implements itself, like it had its own artificial intelligence. Incredible things can happen, when you know the right people, there is plenty of trust and things are done both responsibly and with great passion,” Kristian says.

In fact, Kristian and his network can almost make the impossible possible. “Not by bragging, but by giving solid advice and listening to the client,” Kristian says.
As we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is more than true in the world of creative corporate event consulting.

Event discussion is about openly sharing inspiring stories and experiences and coaching each other. The customer explains their business, their hopes for the event and the related challenges. The event consultant listens, finds the common thread and brings up ideas, customized for the client.

At this stage, it should be noted that even in the relaxed atmosphere of an open discussion, all confidential client references remain confidential. Also an idea-rich discussion requires that the situation is met with the right attitude. The setting and common rules need to be clear. Without these common rules for the budding partnership, many great ideas could be left undiscovered.

As a final comment – everything begins from the first contact. This we can’t do for you. When you decide to take the first step, we promise not to force you with any ideas.