What do we do

We consult and organize corporate events

Corporate events are our thing, but the industry is in transition.

For your business we are a consultative, one stop corporate event partner that gets thing done, with a twist!

We are familiar with organizing corporate anniversaries, product launches, product promotions, customer events, employee training sessions and don’t forget those memorable Christmas events. We give normal just the right amount of abnormal and transfer everyday things to something surprising. We create authentic experiences.

We know that regardless of your industry, digitalisation isn’t just an important part of your core business. It is also an important part of corporate events. We master tomorrows digital opportunities from virtual travel to online tournaments. We give your business expert level consultation whether it’s a sporting event, recreation day or a sophisticated invitation-only event, and link everything with tomorrows digital possibilities.

With a corporate event that’s compelling and interesting to your target audience you grow your social business network and deepen business relationships. With our help your corporate event sets the bar for others.

Constantly more and more is expected from Corporate Events. In addition to felicitous experiences one needs to pay attention to details some don’t even notice. Customer focused corporate event consulting is closely connected to (event) service design.

When talking about corporate events, a small single matter can be the one thing the whole event is remembered by. One of our specialties is just that. Regardless of your business, we know how to choose the right things that make the big difference. We call this Corporate Event Service Design.

A carefully considered and successful corporate event leaves a positive memory trace, not only about the event itself, but also about the company that held the occasion. This can be a small inspirational experience presented just at the right time, but is something that’s passed on to clients, colleagues and friends for a long time. Yes, that’s Priceless.

Yksityiskohdiltaan huolellisesti harkittu strategia ja onnistunut yritystapahtuma jättää positiivisen muistijäljen niin itse tapahtumasta kuin tapahtuman tilaajayrityksestä. Tämä voi esimerkiksi olla inspiroiva elämys juuri oikealla hetkellä, josta pitkänkin ajan kuluttua kerrotaan kollegoille ja ystäville.

As a memory imprint stamper for corporate events, Sceneve is a trusted and inducing event partner. A pioneer of its own kind. With our bold customer orientated attitude and our extensive partner network we truly make things happen. We create and formulate experiences that up front were not even considered possible. We are here to guide you through today’s demanding corporate event expectations. For your business we are a consultative and creative, one-stop inducing event partner.

In corporate level event consulting dedicated event consultants advice and help clients implement whole events or selected event tasks in collaboration with marketing, stakeholders and/or corporate internal functions. Tasks consist everything from consulting and brainstorming to design and execution. Sceneve corporate event consultants always produce personalized and tailored services, for each event and for each client, without exception.

A corporate event consultant must be creative, fundamental and experienced. A corporate event consultant must create special out of ordinary, see and recognize the difference between various different industries and by gained experience give expertise and responsible advice for each and every client.

A corporate event consultant must visualize, design and execute individual frames for both large and small scale events, from single acts to large festival like events. They can be anything from basic corporate parties, training sessions, invited guest receptions, concerts, public events, meetings to product launches. What combines all is that they are all planned individually to meet the needs of every single client. Vast and independent co-operation network enables Sceneve agency’s experienced corporate event consultants to rapidly change and scale for every situation as needed.

In corporate level event consultancy the client dedicated corporate event consultant works closely with all event stakeholders: graphic designers, marketing and communication departments and also directly with client top management.

They get hands-on and prepare the detailed event agenda, choose and prepare the venue, arrange and design the event program and manage all necessary communications with respected authorities.

Corporate event consultants also participate first-hand in the actual event. They make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. If necessary, the corporate event consultants take quick action to avoid any unnecessary problems and deal with all situations in a discrete manner.

Corporate event consultancy is demanding. Client customized corporate event consulting is responsible, challenging and sometimes very hectic, but for us it is a passion and me love it!



Do you need an experienced corporate event consultant? We are at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.